Monday, October 24, 2011

Back From the SSC

We are back from the SSC and it was an absolutely wonderful time.  It felt much more like a vacation with spanko friends than a spanking party.  I loved how everyone just sat around and caught up, enjoying each others' company.  I don't even think I got spanked until Saturday afternoon or evening.

Rumproaster and I arrived on Thursday afternoon, went grocery shopping with the SSNY crew and ended up on the back screen porch that evening chatting about past parties and anything in general.   We stayed in the SSNY house.

Friday was sight seeing day.  We saw parts of Savannah, had dinner with a huge crew at a local pub, and had a late night ghost tour.

Saturday started with a wonderful pancake breakfast made by RG over in the main house.  I'm not a huge pancake lover, but man oh man.  If I had not needed to watch my calories for my nilla life at this party, I would have eaten 2nds and possibly thirds.  These are the best pancakes in the world.  We watched the dophins playing in the surf while we ate.  Mike entertained us with his dolphin impressions at the SSNY house and was dubbed "The Dolphinator" by Jules.

Lunch made by Mike (lasagna) and supper made by Kat (lasagna!) was wonderful.  Thanks to both of them!

The day ended with Spanking Court and some pretty hilarious charges.

Some things (not all inclusive) I enjoyed about this weekend:


*Singing in the car with the SSNY crew

*RG's prison strap

*birthday spankings

*Girl talk


*Kor-E the Ghost

*Dolphin impersonations


*hanging out on the balcony during the storm talking until 2am.

*birthday spankings from so many friends I've known for a long time

*Becoming a snobby elistist

*hanging out with friends

Everything from beginning to end was perfect.  A huge thank you to Sarah and RG for hosting.  Thank you to the SSC house, the SSNY house and the FMS house for making this a party to remember.  It was so wonderful to hang out with normal, fun, spanko friends for a weekend.  Thank you all.


  1. HEY! You forgot the Key Lime Pie!! >:(

    It was great having you there, and I was very happy you came. Altho I will say, I was pretty disappointed in the lack of stalking that went on.


  2. I am glad that you and your friends had such a great time. Spankos are such a fun and friendly group of people. Thanks you for sharing your memories.

  3. @ Sarah: Oh no. I DID forget to mention the yummy key lime pie! You make the best key lime pie ever!

    Didn't you hear or see me in the closet, under the bed or behind the curtains? I shall give you stalking lessons next time we meet. :D

  4. @joeyred51: thank you for reading and commenting