Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meeting Jean

Jean is a wonderful lady I met probably a year and a half ago. She is quiet, but boy can she brat.

She has very good hearing.  She once heard me say, "Please" (more than once, mind you) to a top FROM ACROSS THE ROOM in a scene where he was demanding I apologize. He kept spanking and claims he "didn't hear" me say that.  I'm still trying to figure out how he couldn't hear from less than 2 feet away yet Jean heard  from across the room.  Thank you, Jean, for that support. There is a spanker out there with VERY selective hearing!

Jean is getting spanked here by Thomas for being all perfect and angelic.  She deserved every swat.  She also is teaching a certain top named Mike, how to count.  He's not very good at it yet.  She is quiet, alot of fun, and a very good brat.  I love getting to know her at events and in vanilla settings too.  Can't wait until we meet again.


  1. Me thinks Mike can count very well..Thank You

  2. Ooo I got mentioned I got mentioned! :D

    Can't wait to meet you, too! :-)

  3. Just in case you didn't notice, THIS post is about JEAN. NOT Debs :P. Do ya have to hog your post and her post too?? Just sayin'

  4. P.S. I can't wait to meet you either!


    You know me and my attention whore self!!!

    Let's just you 'n me pretend this little *ahem* thing didn't happen, yeah? :-/


  6. @ Debs: I won't tell if you won't! :P