Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 Boardwalk Badness Weekend

This post is almost inexcusably late in coming.  The 2011 Boardwalk Badness Weekend in Atlantic City was another great one.  The SSNY crew might have even topped off their 2010 party.  Jules, Miranda, coach Tanner, Mike and Lil Brat outdid themselves - again - and a huge thank you to them!

Rumproaster and I headed up Thursday, leaving on Monday.  It was so nice to see friends, hang out, get a few spankings, provide fingernail polish to some my friends, buy some dropseat jammies from a good friend, go to many of the events that were planned, play some of the slot machines at the casino, snuggle in bed with other girlfriends and watch THEM easily lead the tops whatever direction they wished, watch one friend distract a top by enticing them to spank her - so that another friend could grab the computer and pull up pics that otherwise would not have been pulled up (lol) -nice teamwork girls, have crotch distractions, pair off,  and visit the boardwalk.  That is just a few of the fun things that happened that weekend.

About a week after BBW, I had to be in RG and Sarah Thorne's area for my vanilla life and was able to spend two days with them.  They are an awesome couple.  It was nice to hang out and chill with them for a couple of days.  Thank you RG and Sarah.

I forgot to take pictures of the event. I'm terrible like that.   RR has a few on his camera, which I will share when he has time to send them.

More details to come - after my vanilla life stops kicking my butt.


  1. Hey!! It WAS such an awesome party!!!! I LOVE the SSNY parties, and the group! I am so glad they will be at the SSC too so we can enjoy spending time with them again this year! (and you too!!)

    And it was great having you at our house for two nights! I am glad you stayed that extra night; you were so fun!!! You need to head this way more often! I had a great time hanging out with you!

    I hear ya on being busy in vanilla life! Summer is such an incredibly busy time for us too!


  2. I had a great time hanging out with you too! Looking forward to getting to know you and everyone better and better. If you guys are ever in Charleston, you have an open invitation to stay with us!